My first post ever!

Where should I start….

It all began when I moved to SoCal…

My life wasn’t going according to plan back in Texas. I had recently graduated from University and I was a bit stuck helping my parents get their USA residency. The process of  helping my parents took 9 months and finally when they got their papers.. I felt relieved ( I was finally able to move out and find a job and start my professional career).

Little that I know it wasn’t that easy. My first plan was to moved to Dubai, but that didn’t go so well. Not only because I couldn’t find a job, but I also didn’t had enough money to  go and stay there and  find a job. I had spent so much money on going out and  helping a friend in need. I decided to stay in the US and get some experience and maybe later on move to my so beloved  Dubai.

Before moving I met this guy online that lives in LA and started talking to him almost everyday. He talked about how great California was and that it was a great place to live.Despite of  how expensive the cost of living is,I always loved California and it was a place I wanted to move, sinceI graduated from High School… which also didn’t happen because I was too young to be living by myself (according to my Dad). I decided to apply to some jobs and visit California and see what my options were.

I visited LA twice and it wasn’t until the second time I visited that I got a job. A job that wasn’t exactly what I wanted. For starters the location wasn’t in LA it was actually in OC (Orange county) which is still a pretty cool place to live I have to admit.

That shitty Job was my only excuse to move because I no longer wanted to live in Texas. The next step  was to find a place to live.. after hours of searching  and investigating areas near my Job, I just couldn’t find anything. OK here it goes…… but don’t judge me, I went on Craigslist. Yup! Craigslist was my last resort and my only key to find something. I said to myself “How bad can it be, its worth the try” Lol. I am not gonna lie it wasn’t easy but i founded a great place to live In Huntington Beach only 2 miles away from the beach at a great price( to be exact only $725 a month utilities included and  did I mention we have a pool!)  it was just unbelievable. The people reading this in SoCal please don’t be jelly Haha. That’s why we should never judge a book by its cover.. I didn’t judge craigslist neither should you.. okay maybe just a little bit somethings can be super sketchy there I have to  admit. I was just lucky and now I really love the place where I live. The tenant and my roommates are great and I can’t complain. The only thing is maybe I share a bathroom but that’s about it…

Okay taking my story back to that time. I had finally found a place and I was so ready to go back to Texas pack all my things and move to SoCal. That’s exactly what i did. Took the first plane back to Texas and  I started packing. Call me crazy but i drove from Texas all the way OC all by myself  hahaha. It took me a week  to pack   and exactly one day of driving if it wasn’t because I stopped in Arizona to rest. When I finally got to LA I had all that weekend to sleep  and rest before I started my job on Monday.

My Job literally sucked no joke… It was the worst job I ever had. I was working 12 to 14 hrs a day  for  only minimum wage (commission base only). I had no time for myself . I had weekends off and they were begging me to work on Saturdays.. like for real? This wasn’t explained to me when  I got interviewed which was so unprofessional…I did knew the kinda job that I was doing, but that is no excuse for them tryng to make me work more when I wasn’t getting paid enough. A month passed and I was slowly getting tired of this job … you may be thinking a Month and tired of the job already .. Well yes! It sucked that much.In march I went on a business trip for the job and in that trip I decided to quit I wasn’t getting enough money and management was so rude and inconsiderate to their employees. I had no benefits no 401k … nothing. I was talking to my sister that night that I decided I was gonna quit once the trip was over  and one of my coworkers overheard that I was telling her  that and that I  also had a job interview that coming Monday. Next thing one of the managers called me and asked me if everything was okay and I said, Yes everything is fine. She then said, “so why you want to quit’ and i was like who said i wanted to quit?????? I overheard she said..  she was so far from me the only one that could have said anything was  my  coworker who  I realized was a snitch…….  Then my manager said  I also overhead you have job interview on Monday. I felt threaten  by her and I told her, yes I do is there a problem. I am allowed to do it.  There is no words to express how unprofessional this was. To the point that she even said we are sending all of you back home when the week wasn’t even finished. We still had more day of work there!  Thankfully I was only 3 hours far from my home, So I drove back home that Friday night and on Saturday I wrote my resignation letter. In a way it had to happen this way because it open my eyes that I was being exploited by this company. There is so many things to go on detail about this but I will not go into it …You can already see it sucked!

I had no friends since this job consumed me a lot.  I did had friend who would call me occasionally and he was I guess the only person I could talk about what happen and my life. He is the kind of person who would talk to me for a long period of time and then he would disappear for also a long period of time. I haven’t talk to him in like a month.. So he is not a reliable friend. I was without a job for about 3 weeks to be exact. In those 3 weeks I focused on finding another job. I had several job interviews and no luck. I was nervous and desperate for a job.. You know I have bills to pay everyone does. The only thing that saved me was my tax return.. and  I thank God for that.  I went into old habits of talking to strangers online on a virtual chat that I used to use a long time ago. I believe that kind of helped me to distract myself and talk to people since I had absolutely no friends. I met cool people that I talk to now and its been great so far.  During that time I also met a girl that lives near me and now we are good friends.. I enjoy hanging out with her a lot.

The third week I finally got a call from a recruiter. She had found me a good job. I did the interview and in less than a week I had a job already. Things just started to fall into place and I was finally getting my life back. I forgot to mentioned while I was unemployed I decided to become a vegetarian and its been a great month without meat. I feel amazing! I am not saying I will never eat meat again but I can definitely say we don’t need meat in our systems.

For now I dedicate my time to getting the best out of life and to be a better person.  I feel like my life has just started and that definitely this chapter will be a good one. Moving to another state wasn’t easy at the beginning but now I feel blessed and I know many good things will come my way. I miss my family back in Texas but I know my Dad is proud of me and that was my initial goal in moving out. I really wanted to show him that i can be independent and that I am grown woman. Even though I miss Texas I know  living there wasn’t for me. I love California specially the surf city I live in. 🙂

This is my first post ever. I will try to post twice a week so wait for my other posts coming out soon! I have a topic that I think some people,  specially women can relate to.

OH! btw writing is not my strongest….so don’t judge me if my grammar isn’t the best lol

The End…


An inspirational and a must be here event: Create & Cultivate

This past month I attended a conference, were I felt inspired by many great women. It absolutely change my mind about my passions and what I really want to do in life. Ive always had a feeling that any idea that I had , wasn’t good enough or somehow someone would made me feel discourage about it. I learned that some people will always try to  discourage you, but you cant  let that affect you.

My sister had told me about Create & Cultivate about 10 months ago. She convinced me to go to the LA conference and let me tell you , it has been the best experience ever. From the vendors to the food and all the speakers that attended. There was so much to do but I felt that there wasn’t enough time.  Not enough time , but  quite enough that my sister and I did almost everything.

El fin de semana pasado asistí a una conferencia, donde me sentí muy inspirada por muchas mujeres maravillosas. Cambio absolutamente mi opinión sobre mis pasiones y lo que realmente quiero hacer en la vida. Siempre eh tenido la sensación de que cualquier idea que tengo, no es lo suficientemente buena o de alguna manera alguien me ah echo sentirme desanimada al respecto.Eh aprendido que algunas personas siempre tratarán de desanimarte, pero no puedes dejar que eso te afecte.

Mi hermana me había hablado sobre Crear y cultivar hace 10 meses. Ella me convenció para ir a la conferencia de Los Ángeles y déjame decirles que, ha sido  una de las mejores experiencias que eh vivido. Desde los vendedores hasta la comida y todos los speakers que asistieron. Había mucho que hacer, pero sentí que no había suficiente tiempo. No es suficiente tiempo, pero lo suficiente como para que mi hermana y yo hiciéramos casi todo.


There was so much Magical Shit to do there! That I will only tell you the key things that I observed and did.

¡Había tanta Mierda Mágica que hacer allí! (esa es la única manera que pude traducir “Magical Shit”) Que solo te diré las cosas clave que observé e hice.



The first panel “Podcast 101” gave me the idea to start my own podcast for my business “The In Men”. Which I will start the month of April and I am so excited to share the news with you guys. In the panel there was an specific blogger, which I have follow her for a long time on Instagram and new that she had a podcast never really listened to it until now. You should all go listen to her podcast its called “The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast”.  I believe Podcasts are the new youtube and I keep hearing a lot of people talking and about it. Even some of my friends and coworkers listen to them.  I really enjoyed this panel and got something really good out of it. I couldn’t take a picture with that blogger since I had to run to the next panel which was one of my favorites.

El primer panel “Podcast 101” me dio la idea de comenzar mi propio podcast para mi negocio “The In Men”. Lo cual comenzaré este mes de Abril, y estoy muy emocionada de compartir la noticia con ustedes. En el panel había una blogger específica, que la he seguido durante mucho tiempo en Instagram y que sabia que tenia un podcast pero nunca lo eh escuchado hasta ahora. Deberían ir a escuchar su podcast se llama “The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast”. Creo que los Podcasts son el nuevo youtube y sigo escuchando a mucha gente hablar sobre eso. Incluso algunos de mis amigos y compañeros de trabajo escuchan podcasts. Realmente disfruté mucho de este panel y obtuve algo realmente bueno y productivo de el. No pude tomar una foto con ese blogger porque tuve que correr al siguiente panel, que de echo mi  favorito.


This panel was so amazing and diverse. I felt so strong after it, I really felt like an invincible women. Like “Wonder Women” no joke. Listening to all of the beautiful  women speak from that panel really opened my eyes to  get a bigger picture in life and to know that everything is possible  you just have to think outside the box and be you. My body has always been a big concern to me because I am not  like all those models that look perfect and have super soft skin and no stretch marks. I am so beautiful imperfect and so are many of us. For years the media has showed us what a women’s body should be, but we are all different and we all come in different shapes and sizes. I have learned that I have to embrace myself and just try to be a better  me everyday and stop worrying to much. This ladies in the photo are just a proof of how grateful we should be in life.

Este panel fue increíble y tan diverso. Me sentí tan fuerte después de escucharlo, realmente me sentí como una mujer invencible. Como “Wonder Women”, no es broma. Escuchar a todas estas bellas mujeres que hablaron en este panel realmente me abrió los ojos para tener una visión más amplia de la vida y saber que todo es posible, solo tienes que pensar fuera de la caja y ser tú. Mi cuerpo siempre ha sido una gran preocupación para mí porque no soy como todas esas modelos que se ven perfectas y tienen una piel súper suave y sin estrías. Soy una persona hermosa eh imperfecta , asi como lo somos muchos de nosotros. Durante años, los medios nos han mostrado lo que para ellos debería ser el cuerpo de una mujer, pero todos somos diferentes y todos llegamos a este mundo en diferentes formas y tamaños. Eh aprendido a  valorarme mas a mí misma y tratar de ser mejor cada día y dejar de preocuparme demasiado. Estas mujeres en la foto son solo una prueba de lo agradecidos que debemos estar con la vida. 



On this panel I got the opportunity to meet Busy Phillips! Busy Phillips is an american actress that has come out in movies and shows , like white chicks, and cougar town. The panel was about posting on social media and when its good to post and when its not. Some of the panelist said that is good to post when you want and be consistent with your content.

¡En este panel tuve la oportunidad de conocer a Busy Phillips! Busy Phillips es una actriz estadounidense que ha salido en películas y shows, como white chicks, y cougar town. El panel fue sobre  como publicar en redes sociales y cuándo es bueno publicar y cuándo no. Algunos de los panelistas dijeron que es bueno publicar cuando quieras y estar al tanto con tu contenido.


After that it was Lunch time.They were serving food from flowerchild. I’ve heard about flowerchild before and how good it was, but I never tried it until now. All I can say that it was the best food ever. I got the vegetarian poke and it was so delicious, the taste, just everything. We had an hour of lunch, so my sister and I decided to eat quick and visit the vendors. There was so much to see , but not enough time. Here are some of the pictures I took during that hour lunch.

Después de eso fue la hora de lunch. Estaban sirviendo comida de un lugar que se llama flowerchild. Yo ya habia oído sobre flowerchild antes y tenia muy  buenos reviews, pero nunca lo había probado hasta ahora. Todo lo que puedo decir es que estuvo delicioso, nose como explicar.Tenian varias opciones y yo  escoji el poke vegetariano que tenia vetabel , el sabor, todo estaba muy rico. Como solo tuvimos una hora de almuerzo, Mi mi hermana y yo decidimos comer rápido y visitar a los vendedores. Había mucho que ver, pero no suficiente tiempo. Estas son algunas de las fotos que tomé durante esa hora de lunch que tuvimos.






After lunch we had our a mentor hour. Cool thing about Create & Cultivate conferences is that  you get mentors. Since my sister and I had the VIP tickets we got the opportunity to choose our own mentors. Otherwise we would have gotten one chosen for us. My mentors were:

Después de lunch tuvimos nuestra hora de mentor. Lo bueno de las conferencias  de create & cultivateCrear es que obtienes mentores. Como mi hermana y yo teníamos las entradas VIP, tuvimos la oportunidad de elegir nuestros propios mentores. De lo contrario, hubieran elegido uno por nosotros. Mis mentores fueron:

Julia Chow- Business Development at Shopstyle


She was my favorite mentor she really told her story and explained what she did. She asked us individually what we did and it felt like she was interested in learning about us, rather than  just talking about herself. Julia Chow is in charge of getting influences join the new app from shopstyle, which is called shopstyle collective. At the end we gave each others business cards. She told me to send her an email to talk about the app and how  she can help me get started.

Ella fue mi mentora favorita, ella contó su historia y explicó lo que hace. Nos preguntó individualmente qué hacíamos y sentí que estaba interesada en conocernos, en lugar de solo hablar de sí misma. Julia Chow se encarga de conseguir Infleuncers para el nuevo app the shopstyle que se llama shopstyle collective. Al final, le di mi tarjetas de presentación y ella me dio la suya. Me dijo que le mandara un email para hablar sobre el tema.

Natalie Ellis- Owner of Boss Babe


While she has a good business, I really didn’t like the way she mentor she really didn’t say much about her all that she said  was to ask her anything and she would respond. I didn’t feel inspired by her. It wasn’t very fun, however I still admire what she does.

Ella tiene un buen negocio, pero realmente no me gustó la forma en la que ella hablo, realmente no dijo mucho acerca de ella, todo lo que dijo fue que le preguntaramos algo y ella respondería. No me sentí inspirada por ella. No fue muy creativa, sin embargo, sigo admirando su trabajo.

After mentor hour we decided to look at more vendors. We actually skipped 3 panels because we really  wanted to see the vendors and also the panel were short and we weren’t very interested in listening to them. Here is a series of pictures of more of create & cultivate:

Después de la hora del mentor, decidimos buscar más proveedores. De hecho, nos saltamos tres platicas porque realmente queríamos ver a los proveedores y también eran platicas cortas y no estábamos muy interesadas en escucharlas. Aquí les dejo una serie de imágenes y videos de más de create & cultivate :





La Croix had a pop up and  besides they had someone doing animated drawings for you. How cute? I loved that they draw  me with my outfit and my sunglasses. I was fascinated!

La Croix tenia un pop up  y mas aparte tenian a alguien haciendo dibujos  animados de ti. Que lindo no? Me encanto que me dibujo con todo y mis lentes. Estaba fascinada!

I even took a boomerang of my self drinking out of a Lacroix straw!

¡Incluso me tomé un boomerang de mi tomando una lacroix  de un popote de Lacroix!



And I love this picture where I am showing my super amazing shirt “Gender Roles are a Social Construct”, from @jotxwear.

Y me encanta esta imagen en donde muestro mi camisa súper increíble que dice “Gender Roles are a Social Construct”, de @jotxwear.

My sister and I just rocking our outfits!


After that break we went to the next panel ” Keeping it 1 million”, where bloggers and actors talked about how they did it to get followers, clients in got to where they are now. My sister was really excited to meet one of her favorite bloggers Julia Hengel. We also met Aimee Song, Maria Hatzistefanis and actors like Nina Dobrev and Arielle Vandenberg.  here are my pictures with some of them.

Después del break pasamos ala siguiente platica “Keeping it 1 million”, donde muchas bloggers y actrices hablaron sobre cómo le hicieron para conseguir seguidores, clientes y como llegaron a donde están ahora. Mi hermana estaba muy emocionada de conocer a una de sus bloggers favoritas, Julia Hengel. También conocimos a Aimee Song, Maria Hatzistefanis y actrices como Nina Dobrev y Arielle Vandenberg. Aquí les dejo mis fotos con algunas de ellas.



We  had a long break after this panel, we skipped keynote#1 to see more vendors because of course we had more to see and also because my sis and I don’t like Lauren Conrad who was speaking in the first keynote.

Tuvimos un break muy  largo después de este platica, nos salteamos el keynote 1 para ver más proveedores porque, por supuesto, teníamos más que ver y también porque mi hermana y yo no nos gusta Lauren Conrad, quien iba estar hablando en el keynote.

It was getting dark so we decided to rest for a bit and my sister took the time to fix her hair  with the glam app vendor that was on site, while I was taking pictures and exploring little bit.We didn’t wanted to miss the next Keynote with Chrissy Teigen.

Estaba oscoruciendo así que decidimos descansar un rato y mi hermana se tomo el  tiempo para arreglarse el cabello con glam app que estaban en el evento mientras yo me tomaba fotos y exploraba un poco. Tampoco nos queriamos perder la siguiente platica con Chrissy Teigen.

Keynote #2

It was time for the big stars to come out, coming out first Chrissy Teigen an American Model, but also a cook and traveling lover who’s husband is John legend. She talked about her new projects and stated how important is to do something you love on a daily basis.  She really didn’t go to much into detail about her new projects but stated that would be doing something with a store that you always go to buy one thing and come out buying more. We already know  which store is that ” HINT” “HINT” -5k32D4t_400x400Anyways  I am very excited to hear what it would be since I am a big fan of that store.

Era hora de que salieran las grandes estrellas, saliendo primero Chrissy Teigen, una modelo estadounidense, pero también chef y amante de viajar, cuyo marido es la John Legend. Chrissy Teigen habló sobre sus nuevos proyectos y afirmó lo importante que es hacer algo que amas a diario. Ella realmente no entró mucho en detalles sobre sus nuevos proyectos, pero afirmó que estaría haciendo algo con una tienda ala cual siempre vamos solo por una cosa y salimos a comprando más de lo devido. Ya sabemos qué tienda es esa “HINT” “HINT”-5k32D4t_400x400De todos modos, estoy muy emocionada por saber lo que sera, ya que soy una gran compradora de esa tienda.

Aqui les dejo un videito:


KIM KARDASHIAN WEST IN DA HOUSE! I don’t really have to say who she is because you already  know. Never in my life I thought I would actually see Kim K in person after seeing her on tv and pictures all this time; never I would Imagine. I always had this image of her being so dumb and with no brain. It wasn’t until I heard her talk that I realized she isn’t, actually she is pretty smart with a very good attitude and presents herself  well when she is speaking. She said something that I really like “Show up. Do the work. Don’t be lazy. There is no shortcut”. Which I completely agree and some of us need to take this advice. I didn’t really liked her best friend who was interviewing her it seemed like everything she was asking she would answer for Kim or answer about herself.  Like lady you don’t matter here you are supposed to  ask her and let her speak not speak for her. Don’t care if you are her best friend or whatever you were not cool. Hopefully some of you who attended get what I am talking about.

I will leave some pictures and a video for you all to see below:

KIM KARDASHIAN WEST IN DA HOUSE! Realmente no tengo que decir quién es porque de seguro ya sabes. Nunca en mi vida pensé que iba a conocer a Kim K en persona después de verla en televisión y fotos todo este tiempo; nunca me hubiera imaginado. Siempre tuve una imagen de ella como una persona tonta y sin cerebro. No fue hasta que la escuché hablar que me di cuenta de que no, en realidad ella es algo inteligente con una actitud muy buena y se presenta bien cuando está hablando. Ella dijo algo que me gusto mucho ” Aparece. Haz el trabajo. No seas flojo. No hay atajos”. Lo que estoy completamente de acuerdo y algunos de nosotros necesitamos tomar este consejo. Lo que la verdad no me gustó fue la actitud de su mejor amiga que la estaba entrevistando. Parecía que todo lo que estaba preguntando lo respondía por Kim o respondía sobre sí misma. Osea senorita, usted no importa aquí, significa que debes dejarla hablar, no hablar por ella. No importa si eres su mejor amiga o lo que sea, no fuiste cool. Con suerte, algunos de ustedes que asistieron a la conferencia probablemente saben de lo que estoy hablando.

Pero bueno a qui les dejo unas fotos  y un video de Kim Kardashian West:


Yea, I know I was super close to her. I could have actually ask her for a picture too , but I am not the kind of person that does that like that dude from London. Kim Kim I am from London can I get a picture. Yea! no thanks. lol

Sí, sé que estaba muy cerca de ella. También podría haberle pedido una foto, pero no soy el tipo de persona que hace eso como ese tipo de Londres. Kim Kim soy de Londres, ¿puedo tomarme una foto contigo? ¡Sí! no, gracias. bye. lol

This was the end of the conference, it was time to leave. Just imagine we got there at 8:00am and we didn’t leave until 9:00pm.We got our goodie bags at the exit, which were full of amazing products. I am so in love with the products, at the moment I am trying to use some of them but do want to finish some products I am currently using to move on to the next.

Este fue el final de la conferencia, era hora de irse. Imagínense que llegamos allí a las 8:00 a.m. y no salimos hasta las 9:00 p.m. Estabamos super cansadas! En la salida recibimos una bolsa , que estaba llena de productos increíbles. Estoy tan enamorada de los productos, en este momento estoy tratando de usar algunos de ellos, pero quiero terminar los productos que estoy usando actualmente para pasar a los siguientes.

Here a few things I recommend doing if you will attend one:

  • I would recommend anyone who is thinking to attend one to do not get the VIP ticket,  it is basically the same as a the general admission with just a few perks.
  •  Get there early.  Believe me you will want to see everything and explore and there is no time for being late.
  •   Network with the vendors if possible. Give out your business card.
  • Take notes of what you think its important.
  •  Don’t carry too much things with you.
  • Try not to buy anything from the vendors unless you are obsessed with it, because you will receive a free product from them in the goodie bag you will recieve at the end of the conference.

Aquí  les dejo algunas cosas que recomiendo que hagan si van a asistir a uno:

  • Recomendaría a cualquiera que esté pensando en asistir  que compren el boleto VIP, es básicamente lo mismo que el de admisión general, solo que con algunos perks.
  • Llegen temprano créanme, querrán ver todo y explorar, y no hay tiempo para llegar tarde.
  • Hagan conecciones con los vendedores si es posible. Da tu tarjeta de presentacion.
  • Tomen notas de lo que crean que es importante.
  • No lleves muchas cosas contigo.
  • Traten de no compran muchas cosas de los vendedores a menos que estén obsesionados con él producto, porque recibirán un producto gratis de ellos en la bolsa de regalo que nos dan al final de la conferencia.


I really liked the experience of being at create & cultivate, I felt so much power as a women. I think anyone who is wanting to start or has their own business should definitely attend one. I did felt there were some things that I believe needed improvement, for example the organization of the event and the diversity.  Organization wise , I mean making sure there is enough food for all attendees and that they don’t throw us out the main stage building just because they are setting up for when Kim Kardashian arrives. I mean I understand but it was an unnecessary set up. They also made us loose our seats and we had to run and get new ones so that we don’t get to be standing the whole keynote. In another note there wasn’t enough diversity, and I mean diversity in the audience. I would have love to see more of it, because it seemed that all there was there was the typically white girl blogger, which there is nothing wrong with, but I feel they need more diversity in that aspect. The panels and keynotes were great like my favorite, Body positivity, which was full of diversity.  I also appreciate the fact that in their recent pop-up in Austin there was a latina women to watch, Gina Rodriguez who is also a board of director member of the non-profit that I work with. There is always going to be things that will not go perfect, but other than that the event was amazing and I would like to attend another one soon. With that being said, let’s create and cultivate the career of our dreams.

Realmente me gustó la experiencia de asistir a create & cultivate, sentí mucho poder como mujer. Creo que cualquier mujer que quiera comenzar o que ya tenga su propio negocio definitivamente debería asistir a uno. Sentí que había algunas cosas que creo que deberian mejorar, por ejemplo, la organización del evento y la diversidad. En lo que respecta a la organización, me refiero a que se aseguren de que haya suficiente comida para todos los asistentes y de que no nos arrojen del escenario principal solo porque  tiene que estár listos para cuando llegue Kim Kardashian. De una forma lo entiendo, pero fue innecesario que arreglaran el escenario porque en realidad no le hicieron nada. También nos hicieron perder nuestros asientos y tuvimos que correr y obtener nuevos para que no estuvieramos paradas en plena platica. En otra nota, no hubo suficiente diversidad, y me refiero a la diversidad en la audiencia. Me hubiera encantado ver más, porque parecía que todo lo que había era  la tipica blogger rubia, que no tiene nada de malo, pero creo que necesitan más diversidad en ese aspecto. Las platicas fueron espectaculares como mi favorita, Body Positivity, que estaba llena de diversidad. También aprecio el hecho de que en su reciente pop-up en Austin SXSW había una mujer latina en una de las platicas, Gina Rodríguez, que también es un miembro de la junta directiva de la organización en la que yo trabajo. Siempre habrá cosas que no serán perfectas, pero dejandonos de cosas, el evento fue increíble y me gustaría asistir a otro muy pronto. Dicho esto, todas deberiamos de crear y cultivar la carrera de nuestros sueños.




Amor Eterno

A little late Valentines post for all of you my loves:

I want to start by saying that I had never had a boyfriend during valentines day. I have always been alone this day or sometimes with friends and family. Most of the time alone. It sounds pretty depressing, but I’ve learned to see it differently and think positive about it, but I see valentines day as hallmark holiday, just another reason to spend money.Many girls obsessed about it and cry over it. I mean it would be nice if guys would do something nice any other day rather than just on Valentines day. right?

Un poco tarde pero a qui les va un blog the San Valentin mis queridos amigos:

Quiero comenzar diciendo que nunca eh tenido novio durante el día de San Valentín. Siempre he estado sola ese día o, a veces, con amigos y familiares. La mayor parte del tiempo sola. Suena bastante deprimente, pero he aprendido a verlo de manera diferente y positiva, pero yo veo que el día de San Valentín es como un día de festivo commercial, una razón más para gastar dinero. Muchas chicas están obsesionadas con este dia y lloran por ello. Yo creo que estaria bien que los chicos hicieran algo bueno cualquier otro día no solamente  el día de San Valentín. verdad?

This year I decided I wanted to do something cool and special for myself and enjoy this day without or with someone. In the end ,Valentines day is a day of love and I believe in giving love to everyone not only a significant other. A few weeks ago I  had attended Broadway at night with a few of my coworkers. Broadway at night is an event that happens every year in Downtown LA. It  has a bunch of vendors and really cool things to do on Broadway street. While my coworkers and I had fun we spotted a vendor with really cool an original things.  The name of the brand is JOTXWEAR, I will actually be talking about this brand in another blog so stay tuned.

Este año decidí que quería hacer algo cool y especial para mí y disfrutar este día sin o con alguien. Al final, el día de San Valentín es un día de amor y creo en dar amor a todos no solo a un novio. Hace algunas semanas, había asistido a Broadway por la noche con algunos de mis compañeros de trabajo. Broadway por la noche es un evento que ocurre cada año en Downtown LA. Tiene muchos vendedores y cosas geniales para hacer en la calle de Broadway. Mientras mis compañeros de trabajo y yo nos divertíamos, descubrimos a un vendedor con cosas realmente originales. El nombre de la marca es JOTXWEAR, en realidad estaré hablando de esta marca en otro blog, así que esten atentos.

We met the designer of this brand and I made friends with him. I really liked the originality of his clothing line and what he offered.  I reached out to him on Instagram after the event.  After talking for a bit he invited me to an event he was organizing on Valentines day called amor eterno. I decided to go since there was going to be local hispanic vendors. I got there early since we were supposed to have a photoshoot, at the end we didn’t because they were behind schedule. I decided to help them with the decoration.. since I really enjoy planning events and decorating…I said why not! Every good thing  you do comes back and it’s for sure.

Conocimos al diseñador de esta marca y me hice amiga de el. Realmente me gustó la originalidad de su línea de ropa y lo que él ofrece. Lo contacte por Instagram después del evento. Después de hablar un poco, me invitó a un evento que estaba organizando el día de San Valentín llamado amor eterno.Decidí ir ya que iban a haber vendedores hispanos locales. Llegué temprano porque se suponía que íbamos a tener una sesión de fotos, pero al final no lo hicimos porque estaban retrasados. Decidí ayudarlos con la decoración … ya que a mi me gusta planear eventos y decorar … ¡dije por qué no!  Todo lo bueno que haces se devuelve y es verdad. 

Once we started decorating, everything seemed to be falling into place.The set up was truly great. All the vendors where arriving and I couldn’t  be any more excited to start looking around. I did everything when the event started. I first explored and then I decided to try some delicious food.

I tried the best vegan nachos from @mexvegana_. If you guys want to try them check out their Instagram for their schedule and events they will be at.They are a pop-up so they only go to the events at the moment. I do really wish they would open a restaurant because their food its just incredible. It was that good! Just to tell you that their chips were heart shaped, valentines edition. How cute is that?

Una vez que comenzamos a decorar, todo parecía encajar en su lugar. Las decoraciones que mi amigo hizo estaban super cool. Todos los vendedores llegaron, y  yo no podría estar más emocionada de ver todo. Hice de todo cuando el evento comenzó. Primero exploré y luego decidí probar algo de la comida  que estaban vendiendo.

Probé los mejores nachos veganos de @mexvegana_. Si quieren probarlos, chequen su Instagram para ver el horario y los eventos en los que estarán. Son un pop-up, así que solo van a  eventos por ahora. Realmente me gustaría que abrieran un restaurante porque su comida es simplemente increíble. ¡Estan asi de ricos!  Tan solo decirles que las tostadas de los nachos tenían forma de corazón, edición de San Valentín. ¿Que cute no?


I proceeded to getting a yummy cupcake from @pieceofcakebyangie. They had different flavors including,vanilla horchata, chocolate horchata, strawberry, and piñata. I of course got the piñata one.  When I bited the cupcake sprinkles came out from the middle of the cupcake. No wonder it was called piñata.They are also a pop-up, so to find about where they will be go follow them on Instagram.

Despues fui y compre un cupcake delicioso de @pieceofcakebyangie. Tenían diferentes sabores, incluyendo, horchata de vainilla, horchata de chocolate, fresa y piñata. Por supuesto, compre el de piñata. Cuando mordí el cupcake, saltaron chispitas  del centro del cupcake. Con razonse llamaba piñata. Piece of cake  by angie también son un pop-up, así que para checar donde estaran, síganlos en Instagram.


Enough of food! lets talk about the jewelry, clothing and Beauty product vendors that where there.

One of the things that I bought that I really liked was a handmade crochet bag with a rose quartz chain from @elementalzzz. It was super cute plus essential to put jewelry in there when taking a quick and short vacation.  I really liked the fact that the vendor told me that that bag was one of the first things she ever made. The best thing of all is that it was only $5. Follow them on Instagram if you like their stuff.

¡Suficiente de comida! Vamos a hablar sobre los proveedores de joyas, ropa y productos de belleza que estaban vendiendo.

Una de las cosas que compré que realmente me gustó fue una bolsa de ganchillo hecha a mano con una cadena de cuarzo rosa de @elementalzzz. Estaba super cute y super  esencial para poner joyas allí cuando quieras tomar unas vacaciones cortas y rápidas. Me gustó mucho el hecho de que el vendedor me haya dicho que la bolsa fue una de las primeras cosas que hizo. Lo mejor de todo esque solo me costo $5. 🙂 Síguelos en Instagram si te gustan sus cosas.


Most of you know the love I have for design pins. I bought a jacket last year that had patches all over it and ever since I bought it I’ve been adding pins to it.I got a few pins from two different vendors. From @sarahstesoros and @maggleknacks. I really liked them and they are now a new addition to my jacket. Check them out on Instagram if you all have a love of pins just like I do. Haha

La mayoría de ustedes saben  el amor que tengo por los broches con diseño. Compré una chamarra el año pasado que tenía parches por todas partes y desde que la compré le he estado añadiendo broches. Compre algunos broches de dos proveedores diferentes. De @sarahstesoros  y @maggleknacks. Realmente me gustaron y ahora son una nueva adición a mi chaqueta. SI te gustan los broches igual que ami deberias seguirlos en Instagram.Jajaja

Now to the beauty products! There was a skin care vendor called Brujita skin care that had different face creams and face masks. I tried some of their creams but I decided to go for a face mask. I actually got to tried it this past weekend, and let me tell you its very soothing.  I was getting a lot of breakouts, but once I applied it my skin felt way better and smooth.That was one of the reasons I decided to buy the face mask instead of the cream. If you all  like organic products go check @brujitaskincare  Instagram.

¡Ahora a los productos de belleza! Había un vendedor de cuidado de la piel que me llamo mucho la atencion el nombre; Brujita Skin Care se llaman, tenían diferentes cremas para la cara y mascarillas faciales. Probé algunas de sus cremas pero decidí comprar una mascarilla. De hecho, la probé este fin de semana pasado, y déjenme decirles que es muy relajante. Estaba teniendo muchos brotes, pero una vez que lo apliqué, mi piel se sintió mucho mejor y sin problemas. Esa fue una de las razones por la que decidí comprar la mascarilla en lugar de la crema. Si a todos les gustan los productos orgánicos, visiten @brujitaskincare  en Instagram.


I had to leave the best for last! I couldn’t leave without giving a shout out to @jotxwear. Not only because he planned the event, but also because of the originality of his brand.I really don’t want to go into  details right now because i am actually gonna be featuring him on my blog on another post. All I will say its that he finds unique vintage pieces and prints a cool message on the back or front of each. On the picture you cna see I am wearing his designs and  he actually gave me the shirt I have on. Didn’t I tell you all every good thing you do come back either way.

¡Tuve que dejar lo mejor para el final! No podía irme sin darle un shout out a @jotxwear .No solamente porque armo este evento, pero si no tambien  por la originalidad de su marca. Realmente no quiero entrar en detalles en este momento porque en realidad voy a presentarlo en mi blog en otro post. Todo lo que diré es que él encuentra piezas vintage únicas e imprime un mensaje en la parte posterior o frontal de cada una. En la imagen puedes ver que llevo puesto sus diseños y él de echo me regalo la camisa que traigo puesta. No les dije que todas las cosas buenas que haces se devuelven de cualquier forma.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post.  Just a little word of advice if you feel lonely on valentines day surround yourself with happy people. Do fun things  and enjoy not only on valentines day, but in any other day.

The end..

Espero que hayan disfrutado de este post. Solo un pequeño consejo si te sientes solo el día de San Valentín, rodéate de gente feliz. Haz cosas divertidas y disfruta la vida, no solo el día de San Valentín, sino cualquier otro día.


Riley The Yorkie


Describing a dog it’s very fun and interesting, every dog has its own personality,way of being and they are very much like us humans. Most people love dogs, but a few know about their lives….

I met Riley a month ago while visiting the arts district in downtown L.A. It was a sunny day in the beginning of January, my friends were visiting from out of state and I really wanted them to see this area of downtown to take pictures with the art murals.  While walking and enjoying the murals I spotted a cute little yorkie getting photographed in one of the murals. As we were taking pictures, we asked his owner if she could take a few pictures of us in one of the murals and she, kindly agree and took a few pictures.  After, I  asked her if I could pet the yorkie. He was so friendly and nice. I instantly fell in love with him. She then told me that Riley had his own Instagram account and that she takes him to wall crawls. Since I am active on Instagram I followed Riley instantly and started looking at all his pictures in art murals. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  I couldn’t explain how excited I was to see this pup so happy and energetic in all his photos.

Meet Riley, the 11 year old Yorkshire Terrier who has found a love of street art and murals. Riley went on his first wall crawl in 2015 and his first stair crawl the following spring. He and his mom regularly look for new, cool and fun pieces of art, whether it’s murals, stairs, floors, tiles, statues or other types of installations.


Riley is a role model not only does he have a passion for art, but he used to be a therapy dog. He was a therapy dog for Pet Partners (fka Delta Society) and was one of the St. John’s hospital therapy dogs for several years in Santa Monica. Riley has also been a member of BARK Reading Dogs, where Santa Monica kids from first through fifth grade (Muir and Grant Elementary Schools) would read to him to improve their confidence in their reading abilities. As a result of his volunteerism, Nicole Ellis and Brandise Danesewich included him in their book “Working Like a Dog” which was published in September 2017. A book about working dogs and their passion for helping others, showing us how dogs are truly best friends to us humans. This cute little Yorkie has also taken agility classes for 7 years in various locations of Southern California and has his American Kennel Club Master’s Standard and Agility Jumpers Excellent titles, along side with his Canine Good Citizen title. He is an icon, Riley has been featured in the national Workman Publishing 365 Dogs a year Calendar twice and this year he will be the St. Patrick’s day pup on March 17.

I admire his Mom for giving Riley a life full of activities and beautiful things to do and experiment. Many of us, when we think about dogs or any kind of pet we think they are cute and that they are just animals, but we don’t realize how a pet can affect our lives until we own one and make them a part of your family.

Riley currently resides in Santa Monica, California, he lives with his mom and they are both actively always looking for new cool art spots to photograph and capture great moments. If you ever see him modeling around the streets of beautiful Los Angeles county, Don’t forget to say hi to him. Most importantly, Riley has a very sweet disposition so if you meet him, be prepared to be kissed by him!

To learn more about Riley’s life follow him on his IG account :@Riley_yorkie




The End..



How I unexpectedly met with someone I saw in a movie back in 2012

Have you ever seen someone on a movie that never in your life you thought you could actually meet? I know right….Mind blowing! The world is so small.. and you think chances are very low to meet someone that you saw in a movie featured in Netflix back in 2012. OLD SCHOOL!

Before I get to the point of my story, let’s go back to 2012. I remember it exactly, it was a Saturday night. I had recently moved to San Antonio Texas for college. I didn’t had a lot of friends so it was one of those nights were I had nothing to do, but eat something delicious and watch a movie. ” Movie night it is” ! So I started browsing on Netflix. I really like chick flicks.. I know I know… Classic girl and their chick flicks. During that time I was really into foreign Indian movies, my Netflix was full of those.

For privacy purposes I will not mention the name of the movie nor the name of the actor/person. What I can tell you is that the movie was about an Indian guy living in New York looking to have an arranged marriage. He wanted his marriage to succeed and didn’t wanted to follow his parents steps since they had gotten divorce. In the movie he find a girl to have an arranged marriage, but he starts to doubt when he started hanging out with a girl from his University. Anyways, I remember watching the movie and saying ,” Damn this guy is fine”.

Five years later I move to California to start my career and this is where the story starts to get interesting. I was still living in Orange  County at that time and I was actually pretty lonely there so I decided to get into the dating scene and downloaded Bumble the dating app. While swiping right and left and going through many guys I finally see a guy that I really liked. Swiped right and it was a match! Since bumble is all about women empowerment, we take control and start the conversation.I sent him a quick message and he replied right away. We talk for a few a hours and he told me he was acting  and  also did some dancing on the side. He asked me if I had googled him and I said no, because honestly I didn’t. I started to get curious and so I googled him. Turns out he is the guy I saw on that chick flick five years ago.

What are the chances of  matching with a whatever actor from a start up movie that probably no one knows about. A guy, that I remember having a crush on when I saw that movie. I was a bit skeptical about it , but I kept talking to him. He told me he was living in Korea-town in LA and that he loved it there because they had such an amazing food. Around that time I was really busy looking for a job and I really wasn’t ready to date or anything it was a stressful time. I changed my mind about the whole dating situation.Like I said I was skeptical about him too. I really thought he was a fake.. like really how does a normal person like me meet a start up actor like him. Those things just don’t happen to me. I decided to delete bumble and I forgot about this guy…. 

I finally found a job and moved to LA and actually , I moved to Korea town because it was the most affordable and centric place to live in. Fifteen minutes to downtown, twenty minutes to West Hollywood and Beverly hills. What more could I ask for?  So.. I moved in early September and honestly had completely forgotten about this guy he wasn’t even on mind. I was living my life and working. I had actually uploaded bumble again ,b ut used it  just for a bit. Dating in LA is really hard!

One day… I was driving through my neighborhood looking for parking, because just so you know looking for parking in K-town its a BITCH! While driving I turn around and I see a familiar face. A guy running around my neighborhood. I said, “He looks so familiar” and then I remembered it was that guy. The guy I saw on a movie back in 2012 and  Five years later talked to him on a dating app. I was a little bit in shock. How come I hadn’t seen him, since I go run around my neighborhood as well. “He was really not a fake”. So he just ran off and I was like,”What a coincidence”!. I finally park and my friend calls me and I tell her what happen. She said I should look for him on social media… I stood quiet since I had already done it. I did something crazy and I followed him on Instagram and sent him a message. It was very impulsive, but my friend  motivated me to do it.  

Me: Hey, I recently moved to Korea-town and I know you live around the area.  We should go grab coffee or a drink sometime.

Him:  Hey Yea sure! Are you free tomorrow for a drink maybe?

Me: I am free! Tomorrow night after work. A drink sounds good.

Him: Great! Can you remind me of how we met or know each other. You look so familiar.

Me: We met on Bumble a while ago, but I deleted the app.

Him: Oh right! thats what I thought! lol Looking forward to meeting you.

Me: Yes it was a while ago. same here! any place in mind?

Him: There is a place called The Normandie Club. it’s a nice spot, though  it may be really quiet on a Monday night!

Me: That is fine! Ive never been.

Him: Cool how about like 8:00 pm. Is that too early or too late?

Me: 8 pm sounds great! Gives me time to change after work.

Him: Sounds good ! see you tomorrow! 🙂

 SO that was the conversation I had with him. It was a bit embarrassing at the beginning  but you know what.. YOLO.  I may die tomorrow regretting I ever did something like this so…. Who cares!!  

I met him at the Normandie club, which was really convenient because it was walking distance from my apartment.  When I get there I show the bouncer my id and he asked, “Are you here with someone” and I said yes, “He is sitting over there”. So there he was the guy that I was crushing on back in 2012. A pretty normal guy.. very sexy not gonna lie.  We talked a lot and he is very nice , charming and yes he is a bit of  womanizer, but I guess most Men in LA are.  The night went well he walked me to my apartment and we said, our goodbyes and that we should hangout again. We met for another date.. but I realized that I was just dreaming about this guy that there wasn’t going to be a outcome out of this. He really just wanted to have fun and not looking for anything, I still felt like saying this, 

best 25+ dating memes ideas on pinterest | funny dating quotes on Date Meme

Even though we had things in common that doesn’t really matter if there is no spark to see that guy ever again.

We haven’t talk much after our dates, we still follow each other on social media, but thats about it. I really wish him a lot of luck though because being an actor is tough and I know he is really good at acting lol.

Moral of this story is that if you have a crush on someone from a movie. Don’t loose hope you might meet him one day! Then you will say, “Wow its not what I thought it would be”. Most importantly there is still hope to meet Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, Ryan Gosling etc.. One day.

Always Remember this is LA, anything can happen!



The End….




I Accidentally Went to a Restaurant Entirely Made Out of Garlic

I am dying hahahah

Hannah L. Miller

This past weekend, I decided to drive up to LA to hangout with one of my friends who lives there. Although I try to avoid this place like the plague, I knew that having dinner there would mean we could actually go somewhere a bit off the beaten path. Ultimately, my restaurant choice was more like swerving off the road, falling into a ditch, and driving off a cliff like Thelma and Louise.

Despite the fact that driving past the LA county sign automatically causes me to act like an emotional basket case thanks to the traffic and obscene amount of 40-year-old women in tall black boots, mini skirts, and Botox-dripping faces, my least favorite place in the world does have some really great restaurants.

The Stinking Rose was on a lot of “Must-Go to Restaurants in LA,” articles, and from the pictures of Yelp, it seemed relatively unique and quaint.

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A Corporate Horror Story With All The Misery Of Humanity Packed Into One Scam

So true!

The Devil Corp

DS-MAX, Smart Circle, Cydcor, Innovage, Granton, Quantum, The Landers Group, Cobra Group, PerDM, Credico, Appco Group, Optimo International, Socio Max, etc., are the exact same company.  They all have the same system, run the same scam and are owned by the same people.  They all have a “management training program”, incorporate their managers in order to avoid lawsuits, post misleading advertisements on career websites, and lie and cheat like it’s going out of style.  Having all these names is the only way to keep their racket alive because it makes it harder for people to find out who they’re working for.

Just think about it.  Why do they have so many names?  If they were doing good deeds, they wouldn’t need to hide within their nested spheres of deception and duplicity.  If they were doing the right thing, they would gather their entire organization under one banner and proudly advertise…

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How to survive going solo to your company Holiday party!

Your company’s Holiday party is around the corner and you don’t have anyone to take? It seems like most of your coworkers are taking their sweethearts or a date and you are by yourself? Tried to invite friends but they are all too busy doing their own thing? I was going through that same feeling a week ago. Believe me it is not a good feeling to go to a party alone specially when most of your coworkers are going to be there with someone. I felt pressure and felt like I needed to have someone, but then I realized that it was all in my mind and that I needed to embrace myself and know that I am independent and that I can enjoy myself with or without someone.

With this being said, here is how I survived going solo to my company’s Holiday party:

  1. Dress to impress: While this is a party you have to remember that you will see everyone from work including C-suite personnel.  You want to dress your best, but also modest with of course a sense of fashion. Me as the fashionista that I am, decided to wear pink. I like to be authentic and original. I express myself in the way I dress. Its very common that people wear red, black, green, sequins, or white to a christmas party, but I decided to be different. ( you can never go wrong with black though) As crazy as it sounds I got my dress at target, if you visit the store you wont leave empty handed. I am obsess with their WhoWhatWear collection, but I will talk about this on another blog post. 😀 This is the dress I got:




2. Ride with your coworkers:  If you know that some of your coworkers live around your area, its best to get together and sort a ride together. Sharing is caring! and what a best way to do it by riding with friends and staying safe.A few of my coworkers and I met in Koreatown and  I volunteered to drive to the party. This also helps with controlling your alcohol knowing you have to drive back.

3.Control your alcohol: Stay classy! While at the party remember you are interacting with coworkers, you must stay professional. You don’t want to be seen as the drunk of the night. I am not saying  do not have fun , but technically you are still at work. At our party we got two free drinks and after that you had to pay for them. I limit myself to only drinking the two complimentary drinks, one because I was driving and no need to spend money on alcohol .:) Good thing they didn’t have an open bar. lol Remember you don’t want to be the drunk person everyone is talking about at work.

4. Do Dance! Do not stay  at the table with the boring people. Dancing its so much fun and its a great workout. If your coworkers are lit like mine are, more likely there will be  people dancing on the dance floor. No need to be shy, just go and do your thing.

5. Be social: This is probably the hardest, Since you are by yourself and most of your coworkers  have someone with. You might feel left out, but my advice is to interact with them and do not feel like you are interrupting or you are the third wheel. There is also coworkers that came by themselves so  go with them  talk  get a drink and  you will be good. There is also people that brought friends, which is also a good way to meet new people.


In conclusion, have fun and do not feel pressure because you don’t have a date.  Show your single status to everyone. You are strong, independent and a amazing person. You can do anything you want and remember you control yourself in every situation. Most importantly enjoy your life and live it to the fullest.


The End!



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