My Sunday In LA!


Let me tell you about my Sunday in LA….. So yea of course I’ve been to LA before but since I moved to Huntington Beach, I wanted to go and actually go explore the city more. I decided that this Sunday no matter what I was going and nobody was going to stop me. I’ve been inviting one of my friends for the longest time but she always denied saying ”

LA is not my thing I am more of a beach bum”. I don’t like begging people so I decided to stop and I was not going to care and just go by myself. I have traveled to over 13 countries by myself so going to LA by myself was not and and will never be a problem.

However, I did tried to tell other friends who lived in LA to hangout because it always good to have someone you can talk to but if that wasn’t the case I would have been totally fine being by myself.  When I moved to SoCal I went to LA by myself in search of a job so do you think  going down there for one day by myself would stopped me? Nah, I don’t think so.. haha Anyways.. it seemed that everyone was busy already doing something else or others being hangover from the night before. I decided to get ready and head there at 11 am. One of my friends that I met doing a promotion event in LA had texted me and said that she met a girl and thought that we would get along. She gave me her number and I texted her to see if she wanted to meet me for brunch in LA. I know crazy I had no idea who was this girl and I texted her, but I figured this is how you make friends. So she replied and said yes and I offered to pick her up since I was already in LA and luckily I was near north Hollywood close to where she lives. So I picked her up and it was a little bit awkward at the beginning but then later on we started talking more. She said,  that she is been living  in LA for 10 years and she is originally from Northern California.

I really wanted to have a fun and a productive day so I told her what I wanted to do and she agreed and told me that whenever I needed to come to let her know and she will show me around. First we decided to go to brunch and she suggested a place. We went to this place called Patys. They have been operating since 1960 and lots of celebrities come here for brunch. I really enjoyed it and we had these amazing mimosas.df14_02_23_patys

After Brunch I really wanted to go to the famous Wings by Colette Miller. Even though  she has many of these wings painted in many murals around LA area I decided to go to the ones in the art district Co-op. My friend told me she had never taken a picture with the wings either so it was a good thing that it was the first time there for both. After taking pictures and exploring the art district we went to Santa Monica to get a drink and walk around 3rd street promenade. We stayed there for an hour and then I really I wanted to smoke hookah I hadn’t done it in a while , so we went to a place that I really like in LA is called Pi On Sunset.1291716_10151633058105684_1024922029_o

We got there around 7:30 and  really strangely there were tables available. Actually we got to sit outside and all the time I come here its always super packed and no tables available. We got lucky so we sat outside and next to us there was a girl sitting by herself with her little chihuahua. So we talked to her about her dog because he was just so adorable and  cute. She said his name was Pooz I believe. So we started talking so so much. She said she comes often to this place and that we should hangout. She was telling us about her work and we all just connected so much. We were for real non stop talking with her. We all exchange numbers and add each other on social media. There was so much conversation going on. Cool thing is that she also moved to LA like me. I like meeting people with aspirations and people who want to become better. Since I moved here I’ve met people who are really talented  looking to get careers in acting or art. I realized I didn’t moved here for that reason, but we all have something in common wanting to do what we like and be successful with it. When I was on my way to LA I didn’t realized I was going to meet people like this.  I didn’t even know I was going to have someone with me walking around and having fun with me. I thought I was going to be alone since I am really used to doing things by myself. It hasn’t been easy making friends here . It has actually been hard!! Soon I will make a video with ideas of how to meet people in big cities. I’ve learned of so many apps and places where you can meet people with same interests that I want to share that with you guys..

I wanted you guys to be involved in what I am doing right now and share stories that happen to me from time to time. One of the main reasons I am writing about this is because I want my readers to feel connected with my stories. Specially those who might just had moved to a new city and that know the struggle of meeting new friends and of course also missing their friends back home; wishing they were living in the same city. I took the first step of being independent and it is always good to be, but you never know what one day will take you.  My Sunday started as an independent me and it ended with friends and great memories to share.

Hope you guys enjoy my post and keep tuned for more coming up 🙂


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