If you like fish read this!

A few months ago when I moved to SoCal I started hearing a lot the word poke. I’ve heard about poke before but I wasn’t sure what it was when I heard people saying Poke bowl. I remember going to a few restaurants back in Texas and seeing in their menu poke. I honestly thought it was just ahi tuna. So ever since I moved here I realized poke was in trend. So I googled poke to see what it really was.


So for those who don’t know what it is I will let you know all about it. Poke is originally from Hawaii. The word Poke actually is different types of fish cut in to pieces and put over salad. It can be either salmon, ahi tuna, albacore and so on.  Well I am a big fan of sushi and raw fish and I decided to go try poke. I really liked it and now its one of my  favorite lunch or dinner options. Poke Restaurants are like a bar set up. You choose between white/brown rice or salad or half and half.Then you choose your fish and the sauce you wanted to go with. then they add cucumber, onions or sometimes pineapple. the next step is to add crab meat, avocado,masago and green onions. You can customize it however you wan it.I think its also very easy to make at home and also healthy and good source of protein specially for me since I don’t eat red meat anymore.

I took a video of me trying it  hopefully  you guys enjoy it and want to try as well.

I chose a restaurant called Poke Island  because I like the fact they have the option to order kale as a salad. I’ve been to other poke places but this is the only one close to me that offers kale as an option. I found out recently they are opening a place called Poke Bar in Huntington beach on Bella Terra area. I’ve been to that place in Long beach  and I really liked it since they also offer the kale option. Poke is very yummy and i recommend everyone to try it at least once.

I hope you guys enjoy this video of me ordering and eating poke. lol

Until next time ! 🙂


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