The Counselor

Recently a friend told me he enjoyed reading my blog. He said that it was great and that I should continue writing. He then proceeded to tell me that he wanted to ask me something. I asked him, What is it? He said,  I wanted your advice I do not know how to talk to girls.

I felt like I was some sort of counselor when he asked me that. I have to admit I do give pretty good advice. The weird thing is that I can never follow my own advice, but somehow my friends tell me I give good ones. I told him that I would write about it. So here I am writing about this when a while back I was hating on guys on my casual dating post lol 😛

It never occurred to me that maybe some Men don’t know how to talk to Women. When  I’ve been out…. I’ve had guys talked to me saying the most stupidest things ever that you just want to get out of there and hide from them, but then again I’ve had guys talked to me that had an amazing and great conversation. A conversation that goes non stop for a while and you keep talking and one conversation leads to another and so on.

With that being said, I created a few steps on how to talk to a girl. So read carefully and take notes 😉

Listen Guys For starters:

  • Be yourself : Don’t act like someone you are not. We know when your acting up  unless you are a professional actor. 😉
  •  Create eye contact with the girl and smile: It makes you look confident. Its hard to do this when you are shy, but you have to if you don’t it will look like you are not interested.
  • Introduce yourself: So when you go up to a girl its always good to say who you are. I have guys that come up to me and start talking and I am like who are you..
  •  Be honest: Tell her the truth about you and don’t try to be someone you are not. This falls into the category of being yourself. I just think honesty is the best thing when you are meeting someone and also when you are in a relationship.
  • Be Attentive:Don’t be a douche millennium looking at your phone all the time if you really like the girl you are going to give them your 100% attention and even if you don’t like the girl at least be respectful.
  • Do not small talk: It makes it super awkward and it kind of ends the conversation. you have to keep the conversation going. Ask her about what she does and the things she likes. Also very important keep your personal life aside for now. We do not want to hear about your ex’s!
  • Be funny: Make funny jokes. We love to laugh!
  • Make things clear from the beginning:  If you like this girl and want something serious tell her make it clear to her that you like her. If you like the girl but don’t want anything serious make things clear too and don’t waste her time. Us girls like  guys to be straight forward and say how they feel . We Don’t Mess around! At least me maybe because I am from Texas and you know……. Don’t mess with Texas lol. That’s how we roll! Believe me there are some girls that don’t want anything serious either and they may agree with you so make it clear.


That’s all I have guys! I think its pretty simple and straight forward and any guy can follow this steps. Its not as hard as you think it is. Its okay if you are shy, girls are shy too and we know the struggle. I know that for a guy is hard because we as girls never want to approach a guy in real life, we want him to initiate the conversation. You just have to be confident… We like that!


The End!







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