How I met Hannah Miller!

Let me tell you making friends here hasn’t been easy…. When I moved to OC I was so caught up with work and had no time to make friends at all. It just seemed so hard to make friends at that moment. I wasn’t going out so I couldn’t possibly meet friends either. I didn’t even had time for dating or anything like that. I asked myself I need to make friends I can’t imagine myself doing things alone all the time.Which is not a problem because I am used to it, but sometimes you just need someone to talk to. With that being said, I will tell you the story of how I met a friend here In SoCal. I am still fairly new to the area but, back then I was still a newbie.

I will start by saying that the way I met Hannah Miller was not in a typically way it was more of a random way, but in a good way. When I was in Texas I was using an app called Bumble. If you guys haven’t heard about Bumble;  It is a really cool app. When I was using this app in Texas I was mainly using it for dating.( I know! And I wonder why I always get fuckboys lol) The cool thing about the app is that actually women are the ones taking control. When we match with dates we are the ones that need to initiate the conversation and we only have 24 hrs to do it if not the match disappears. BAM! After we text a guy then they have 24 hrs to answer and if they don’t the match disappears as well.Its Genius right? I met a few guys from that app back in Texas then I realized it wasn’t for me and I deleted the app. This was about 2 years ago….before I even knew I was moving to Cali. I moved here and started to use the app again. I wanted to start dating, but the app changed a lot it had more features and one of them was the BFF option. You maybe asking now, BFF what is that? Yes Guys! BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!! How in the world I didn’t invent an app like that! How?? haha Well it is what it is..  At first I was like eh! Could I really possibly meet a friend in that app. Ive had bad experiences with guys so I really didn’t want to get my hopes to high about meeting friends in there. . I still decided to use it. Why not I should give it a try. I used the BFF option. Btw! this was around March when I had quit my shitty job.

Just so that everyone knows it goes the same way with girls. When we match as a BFF we both have 24 hrs to reply if not the match disappears. I started swiping several times and matched with a few girls.I usually swiped girls that seemed  like they travel and they do fun stuff because I want to have similar things to talk about and interesting things.  Its just like dating you want to find  someone  who at least  likes some of the things that you like; not specifically everything but just some things. So after swiping for a while I talked to several girls, but it was like just talking and no meeting. I admit sometimes it would take me forever to answer or they will take forever to answer. So here I go and I swiped more.. Until I finally started talking to this girl and it was back to back conversation. Her name is Hannah. She mentioned she had met another girl on bumble and that we should meet and I agreed. This is what I need it someone who would want to meet not just the talk.  So we talked little bit more she lives really close to me  which is good because we don’t have to drive long distances. All the other girls I was matching with lived kinda a far; not all of them but some. So, the funny thing is that she had also recently moved to SoCal. We both were pretty new to the area. It made it more interesting because we could actually go explore cool places together. We only talked for a day and the next day we had already planned meeting for lunch. hahah I know crazy! She told me to meet her at her place and that from there we we were gonna go have lunch.When I was driving to her place I felt kind of strange to go meet a a girl  that I met on an app, But then I realized that I’ve done this many times when meeting guys.  It couldn’t possibly be that strange haha. I felt strange mainly because I had that thought of ” what if its another person and its a fake and i will get killed or raped”. I was thinking all this horrible weird things in my head. lol I got paranoid for a little bit. So I get to her place and texted her and  she came out and its was her. I felt relieved hahaha.It just made me realized that she was spontaneous like me. Which is a good thing because of that I knew we were going to get along. I parked my car in her house and we drove in her mini cooper. On our way to the restaurant she was telling me all her experiences on bumble since she had moved to OC. It was funny because we both moved here from the south and we both were looking for friends. We went to this place called The Beach Comber(Aka The Bitch Comber.. I’l explain this later lol) to have late lunch it was like 2 hour wait but it was totally worth it because the place is literally in front of the beach. No wonder she told me it was one of her favorite restaurants to go to! I really enjoyed it we had a drink and then we waited to be seated. We talked so much about life and how we moved to California. We had a great conversation and the thing is that as a friend I felt comfortable talking to her. It was as if  I already know her because we both have the type of personality that is outgoing.I really enjoyed that day and honestly I felt like it helped me to get out there and meet people. After that day we kept meeting and now we are really good friends. We have had some pretty crazy memories and some not very crazy but over all she is a great person and she was someone I could talk about what I was going through and my life in general at that time and I believe I was someone she could talk too as well and we still are. At the beginning before meeting her I felt lonely and felt that I needed to start dating again and that is why I downloaded the app, but now I think it was more that I needed a friend. Not that I don’t have the feeling of dating I do, but I think right now is not the moment for me.  I have to wait and let it be right!

Now that you guys know how I met my friend Hannah Miller maybe you should all try using the Bumble app. I feel this can be an encouraging thing for people moving to another city, state or country where they don’t have any friends. It’s very exciting to meet new people when you don’t know anyone. Its like you have to start all over again and  find your way. Sure I miss my friends back home, but within time I realize that it’s not important to have a lot of friends it’s more important to have a few friends that can be there for you. I still use Bumble for meeting friends, but haven’t met anyone else. Hopefully I will keep meeting cool girlfriends in the app so that I can write all about it.:) I am finished for now and I would also like to take the time to apologize for missing in action. I’ve been having a rough couple of weeks but it shall pass.  Till next time. xoxo


Before I leave I have to tell you guys the story behind The Beach Comber AKA The Bitch Comber. First of all you guys already know its a restaurant thats is actually very nice and has delicious food and drinks with a great view. The reason we call it The Bitch comber is because I have an accent. Obviously I was raised in Mexico and English is my second language. So every time I would say beach comber it would sound like bitch comber and Hannah made fun of it and since then thats what we call it haha. I know she is a bitch for making fun of me. What kind of friend makes fun of you like… What the hell!!!! I am being sarcastic I even made fun of myself. LOL




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