Hi guys,

I am sorry I’ve been MIA lately,  but I am back with a new post. Do you guys like coffee? I  am not a big fan of coffee myself, but when I discovered this place it changed my mind a little.

Carrera Cafe is a very charming european coffee shop located in Melrose avenue where beautiful and crazy walls are created into murals. This is where everyone wants to take instagrammable pictures. The reason I loved Carrera Cafe it’s because they have a cool Atomic blonde mural outside. It was really funny because when I was there they were doing a photoshoot and commercial for the new movie.I was looking at about ten girls with blonde short wigs that were wearing black coats and black boots accessorized with  sunglasses and an umbrella. I thought it was odd and I didn’t know what was going on until I asked a girl that worked there.

Well this is not what makes Carrera cafe great, but what does and the real reason I loved this place is because you can customize your coffee. At the beginning I thought you could only choose from images they offered and use those to customize your coffee, but no you can actually write or put whatever you want on it. First you have to download an app called coffee ripples and then you can choose from an image or customize and write what you want. When you download the image or customized your image Carrera cafe automatically gets it and then you order your coffee and from there you let them know your have ripple your coffee with the app. I was undecided of what I wanted so I decided it would be cool if I wrote my Blog and Instagram name on my latte. I am actually a fan of Iced coffee which you can also customized but the lady that worked there suggested to do it on a hot latte for better quality.image5

So cool isn’t it? I really liked it! Its definitely somewhere you could take your friends and family to. I will of course visit Carrera Cafe next time I am in LA area. You all should definitely visit this place when you are in LA or if you live in LA and haven’t been, make your way to Melrose Avenue and check this place out. 🙂  I hope you guys enjoy this little blog post I put together. I am still trying to get over this coffee.. Make sure to check out my Instagram Picture in Carrera Cafe. Also Don’t forget to follow Carrera Cafe and Hashtag them on Instagram if you ever visit them. Thanks for reading and remember to keep posted for new posts coming up soon 🙂



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