Friendships don’t last forever?

Hello Everyone ,

Today I want to talk to you about friendships. I had a recent experience with a friend that unfriended me on social media and stopped talking to me out of nowhere. If you ask me why? I have absolutely no idea. She didn’t gave me an explanation. What I truly want to tell you guys is how important is too keep good friendships.

In my adult years I have encounter a lot of jealousy and hate between women. This is something that goes on for many different reasons. I am not going to lie I have felt that way before, but I’ve had analyzed; What has that person done to me? If you feel that way it’s better to stop and think about the reason you are feeling that way, and maybe realize it’s something personal. I feel like women should stick together and fight for each other. We should feel free to talk to other women about how we feel and if something is bothering us. Honesty it’s amazing and it makes things so much simpler. I’ve seen men always sticking together and its such shame not to see women doing the same. Maybe I am wrong, but who knows? My point is that “ladies we should be more empowering towards each other”. Instead of hating, we need to come together.

I believe that communication is the key in any kind of relationship. When my friend stopped talking to me. I reached to her, to see what was going on and she never answered back. If you can’t tell me what is going on. I cannot guess. If something is bothering you, we should be able to explain and talk about it. Sometimes the other person doesn’t see it, So you have to make the other person see it. We need to remember that everyone is different, no one is the same and we have to respect that. Recently a friend told me, that instead of focusing on the things we did wrong or the things that other people did wrong, We should focus on the good things that happen, the things we did good or the things that other people did for us that were good. I always knew that, but our minds are so powerful that they cannot stop thinking about the wrong things. That made me realize that it’s all about being positive. With this being said, always think about the good not the bad things. You will realize that perhaps there were more good than there were bad things.

When I moved to LA I had no friends and it was so hard to not have anyone to hangout. At times I would go out with myself and I enjoyed it, but it is always better to have someone to talk to, laugh and enjoy the moment. Lets keep the good friends we have and remember that there is always going to be differences between each of you; We have to respect that and see the good in everything. Protect yourself and circle. Invest in people who you know will feed you just as much goodness as you do them.


The end.















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