5 Tips on how to stay active this Holiday season.

We all have those cravings around the Holiday season that are so hard to resist. Sometimes you just fall into those old habits of over eating and simply don’t know what to do about it. Well I am going to give you 5 tips on how to stay active this holiday season.

  • Burn Calories, Not Electricity

Yes you heard me! Use the stairs lazy. It makes such a difference to use the stairs rather than the elevator. For starters it keeps you active and your heart rate at a good pace. You will see how much of a difference it makes when you do this in your every day life. The good thing about taking the stairs is that it has a lot of benefits for your legs and booty. 😉 The only acceptable time to use the elevator is if you have to go to a really high level and if you are in a hurry, but if you are not then should really consider using the stairs. We all want a good booty so go ahead and use the stairs.

  • Plan Activities With Your Coworkers

If you work in a office job like me, Its easy to interact with your coworkers and plan activities outside of work. It is also easy to fall into the routine of over eating because of the amount of food they bring in the holidays, there is the occasional donut or pastries or the occasional potluck and its very hard to resist, but there is always a way to stay active. I encourage you to plan with them a few times of the week to get together and play some sort of sport. For example at my work, my coworkers gather together to play softball.( We really don’t exercise that much when we are playing it, but its an activity.) There is many clubs and parks where they have sports facilities, not only would you be doing something active, but also you can interact with your coworkers which is always fun.

  • Join Meetup

Have you heard of Meetup? If not, let me tell you all about it. Meetup is an amazing app where you can meet people. Meetup has different group categories that you can join. If you get into the fitness groups; occasionally people gather for hikes or runs several days a week. This is a good way to make friends, but also a great way to stay fit and active this holiday season.

  • Streaming Videos Online

Have you all tried youtube videos? tried streaming Insanity or P90x online?  Well I highly recommend it.I do Insanity Max 30 at home and it’s definitely a good workout. I love it because its only 30 minutes and you definitely get results if you follow it constantly. The instructor Shaun T. is amazing and makes me feel great about myself. He motivates you throughout those 30 minutes and believe me you will sweat a lot. I have also tried youtube videos and its also good for that occasional short workout you want to get. My favorite videos are from FitnessBlender, they are really good and it is the perfect cardio for your day.

  • Health & Fitness Apps

Have you ever downloaded fitness apps on your smart phone? This is a great idea when you are a busy person and don’t really have time for the gym. One of my favorite apps is called Aaptiv. You get a variety of classes such as, yoga, track, pilates, plyometrics, and many more. Another app you can use that can help you track your calories is My Fitness app, this app will help you not over eat during the Holidays by tracking everything you eat.


We all know that while being active and exercising is good for you, we also have to watch what we eat because that is the key. My advice is to indulge smart. We need to learn how to say no when enough is enough! If there is going to be a potluck, friends-giving, thanksgiving dinner, Christmas parties, etc. Think about the amount of food you should put on your plate, limit your portions. Don’t go for seconds if you are already full. If you have all this events coming up the best thing is to write them on your calendar and track the days that you didn’t follow a good diet so that the next day you can follow a better diet. Believe me you don’t need that extra donut.

One day of bad eating will not make you fat, but also one day of clean eating will not make you skinny. 

The End!


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