It’s So Tasty, It’s Mexitasty!

Many of you know that I was raised in Mexico in a culture that is rich and full of variety. As a child I was exposed to many things Mexico had to offer, but if there is something I enjoy is my Mexican Sweets. My father owned convenient stores and I remember every time I would go, I would try all the delicious candies that were sold at the store. I experience every flavor and selection there was. Traditional Mexican candy has become an important export product and the international request for such exquisiteness rises. Mexican candies have a very special fusion of explosive flavors. So if you have a sweet tooth and want to try something different.. You should visit Mexitasty!

Mexitasty is a monthly service of Mexican Delicious candy delivered to your home. My brother and sister started the business with the purpose of bringing a little bit of Mexico to every corner of the world. They carefully choose from over 300 different types of Mexican candies and curate them perfectly to satisfy your taste. They can either be sweet, sour, spicy all those flavors that you love so much. The best thing about Mexitasty is that every month you get a different variety. It’s always a good surprise! There is no more waiting for you to go to Mexico and try them, they can come directly to your home.  If you are from Mexico you don’t have to wait till you go back and visit your Familia. You don’t have to be Mexican to get a subscription if you have a love for Mexico and candy you should try it.

A Mexitasty subscription box  looks like this: 

 It is also very simple to join:


Click here to visit the store: Mexitasty

For the love of Mexico, Its so Mexitasty!


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