How to survive going solo to your company Holiday party!

Your company’s Holiday party is around the corner and you don’t have anyone to take? It seems like most of your coworkers are taking their sweethearts or a date and you are by yourself? Tried to invite friends but they are all too busy doing their own thing? I was going through that same feeling a week ago.

Believe me it is not a good feeling to go to a party alone specially when most of your coworkers are going to be there with someone. I felt pressure and felt like I needed to have someone, but then I realized that it was all in my mind and that I needed to embrace myself and know that I am independent and that I can enjoy myself with or without someone.

With this being said, here is how I survived going solo to my company’s Holiday party:

  1. Dress to impress: While this is a party you have to remember that you will see everyone from work including C-suite personnel. You want to dress your best, but also modest withof course a sense of fashion. Me as the fashionista that I am, decided to wear pink. I like to be authentic and original. I express myself in the way I dress. Its very common that people wear red, black, green, sequins, or white to a christmas party, but I decided to be different. ( you can never go wrong with black though) As crazy as it sounds I got my dress at target, if you visit the store you wont leave empty handed. I am obsess with their WhoWhatWear collection, but I will talk about this on another blog post. 😀 This is the dress I got:




2. Ride with your coworkers:  If you know that some of your coworkers live around your area, it’s best to get together and sort a ride together. Sharing is caring! and what a best way to do it by riding with friends and staying safe.A few of my coworkers and I met in Koreatown and  I volunteered to drive to the party. This also helps with controlling your alcohol knowing you have to drive back.

3.Control your alcohol: Stay classy! While at the party remember you are interacting with coworkers, you must stay professional. You don’t want to be seen as the drunk of the night. I am not saying  do not have fun, but technically you are still at work. At our party we got two free drinks and after that you had to pay for them. I limit myself to only drinking the two complimentary drinks, one because I was driving and no need to spend money on alcohol .:) Good thing they didn’t have an open bar. lol Remember you don’t want to be the drunk person everyone is talking about at work.

4. Do Dance! Do not stay at the table with the boring people. Dancing it’s so much fun and it’s a great workout. If your coworkers are lit like mine are, more likely there will be  people dancing on the dance floor. No need to be shy, just go and do your thing.

5. Be social: This is probably the hardest, since you are by yourself and most of your coworkers have someone with. You might feel left out, but my advice is to interact with them and do not feel like you are interrupting or you are the third wheel. There is also coworkers that came by themselves so go with them talk get a drink and you will be good. There is also people that brought friends, which is also a good way to meet new people.

In conclusion, have fun and do not feel pressure because you don’t have a date. Show your single status to everyone. You are strong, independent and a amazing person. You can do anything you want and remember you control yourself in every situation. Most importantly enjoy your life and live it to the fullest.


The End!



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