How I unexpectedly met with someone I saw in a movie back in 2012

Have you ever seen someone on a movie that never in your life you thought you could actually meet? I know right….Mind blowing! The world is so small and you think chances are very low to meet someone that you saw in a movie featured in Netflix back in 2012. OLD SCHOOL!

Before I get to the point of my story, let’s go back to 2012. I remember it exactly, it was a Saturday night. I had recently moved to San Antonio Texas for college. I didn’t had a lot of friends so it was one of those nights were I had nothing to do, but eat something delicious and watch a movie. ” Movie night it is” ! So I started browsing on Netflix. I really like chick flicks.. I know I know… Classic girl and their chick flicks. During that time I was really into foreign Indian movies, my Netflix was full of those.

For privacy purposes I will not mention the name of the movie nor the name of the actor/person. What I can tell you is that the movie was about an Indian guy living in New York looking to have an arranged marriage. He wanted his marriage to succeed and didn’t wanted to follow his parents steps since they had gotten divorce. In the movie he find a girl to have an arranged marriage, but he starts to doubt when he started hanging out with a girl from his University. Anyways, I remember watching the movie and saying ,” Damn this guy is fine”.

Five years later I move to California to start my career and this is where the story starts to get interesting. I was still living in Orange County at that time and I was actually pretty lonely there so I decided to get into the dating scene and downloaded Bumble the dating app. While swiping right and left and going through many guys I finally see a guy that I really liked. Swiped right and it was a match! Since bumble is all about women empowerment, we take control and start the conversation.I sent him a quick message and he replied right away. We talk for a few a hours and he told me he was acting  and  also did some dancing on the side. He asked me if I had googled him and I said no, because honestly I didn’t. I started to get curious and so I googled him. Turns out he is the guy I saw on that chick flick five years ago.

What are the chances of  matching with a whatever actor from a start up movie that probably no one knows about. A guy that I remember having a crush on when I saw that movie. I was a bit skeptical about it, but I kept talking to him. He told me he was living in Korea-town in LA and that he loved it there because they had such an amazing food. Around that time I was really busy looking for a job and I really wasn’t ready to date or anything it was a stressful time. I changed my mind about the whole dating situation. Like I said, I was skeptical about him too. I really thought he was a fake.. like really how does a normal person like me meet a start up actor like him. Those things just don’t happen to me. I decided to delete bumble and I forgot about this guy…. 

I finally found a job and moved to LA and actually I moved to Korea town because it was the most affordable and centric place to live in. Fifteen minutes to downtown, twenty minutes to West Hollywood and Beverly hills. What more could I ask for?  So.. I moved in early September and honestly had completely forgotten about this guy he wasn’t even on mind. I was living my life and working. I had actually uploaded bumble again, but used it just for a bit. Dating in LA is really hard!

One day… I was driving through my neighborhood looking for parking, because just so you know looking for parking in K-town its a BITCH! While driving I turn around and I see a familiar face. A guy running around my neighborhood. I said, “He looks so familiar” and then I remembered it was that guy. The guy I saw on a movie back in 2012 and five years later talked to him on a dating app. I was a little bit in shock. How come I hadn’t seen him, since I go run around my neighborhood as well. “He was really not a fake”. So he just ran off and I was like,”What a coincidence”!. I finally park and my friend calls me and I tell her what happen. She said I should look for him on social media… I stood quiet since I had already done it. I did something crazy and I followed him on Instagram and sent him a message. It was very impulsive, but my friend motivated me to do it.  

Me: Hey, I recently moved to Korea-town and I know you live around the area.  We should go grab coffee or a drink sometime.

Him:  Hey Yea sure! Are you free tomorrow for a drink maybe?

Me: I am free! Tomorrow night after work. A drink sounds good.

Him: Great! Can you remind me of how we met or know each other. You look so familiar.

Me: We met on Bumble a while ago, but I deleted the app.

Him: Oh right! thats what I thought! lol Looking forward to meeting you.

Me: Yes it was a while ago. same here! any place in mind?

Him: There is a place called The Normandie Club. it’s a nice spot, though it may be really quiet on a Monday night!

Me: That is fine! Ive never been.

Him: Cool how about like 8:00 pm. Is that too early or too late?

Me: 8 pm sounds great! Gives me time to change after work.

Him: Sounds good ! see you tomorrow! 🙂

 That was the conversation I had with him. It was a bit embarrassing at the beginning  but you know what.. YOLO. I may die tomorrow regretting I ever did something like this so…. Who cares!!  

I met him at the Normandie club, which was really convenient because it was walking distance from my apartment. When I get there I show the bouncer my id and he asked, “Are you here with someone” and I said yes, “He is sitting over there”. So there he was the guy that I was crushing on back in 2012. A pretty normal guy.. very sexy not gonna lie.  We talked a lot and he is very nice , charming and yes he is a bit of  womanizer, but I guess most Men in LA are.  The night went well he walked me to my apartment and we said, our goodbyes and that we should hangout again. We met for another date.. but I realized that I was just dreaming about this guy that there wasn’t going to be a outcome out of this. He really just wanted to have fun and not looking for anything, I still felt like saying this, 

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Even though we had things in common that doesn’t really matter if there is no spark to see that guy ever again.

We haven’t talk much after our dates, we still follow each other on social media, but thats about it. I really wish him a lot of luck though because being an actor is tough and I know he is really good at acting lol.

Moral of this story is that if you have a crush on someone from a movie. Don’t loose hope you might meet him one day! Then you will say, “Wow its not what I thought it would be”. Most importantly there is still hope to meet Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, Ryan Gosling etc.. One day.

Always Remember this is LA, anything can happen!



The End….





2 thoughts on “How I unexpectedly met with someone I saw in a movie back in 2012

  1. it was nice to read, simple words, no edited emotions…
    As things happen for right reason so keep the hopes high, u never know whats coming to your way…. cheers..


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