Riley The Yorkie


Describing a dog it’s very fun and interesting, every dog has its own personality and way of being. They are very much like us humans. Most people love dogs, but a few know about their lives….

I met Riley a month ago while visiting the arts district in downtown L.A. It was a sunny day in the beginning of January, my friends were visiting from out of state and I really wanted them to see this area of downtown to take pictures with the art murals.  While walking and enjoying the murals I spotted a cute little yorkie getting photographed in one of the murals. As we were taking pictures, we asked his owner if she could take a few pictures of us in one of the murals and she, kindly agree and took a few pictures.  After, I  asked her if I could pet the yorkie. He was so friendly and nice. I instantly fell in love with him. She then told me that Riley had his own Instagram account and that she takes him to wall crawls. Since I am active on Instagram I followed Riley instantly and started looking at all his pictures in art murals. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  I couldn’t explain how excited I was to see this pup so happy and energetic in all his photos.

Meet Riley, the 11 year old Yorkshire Terrier who has found a love of street art and murals. Riley went on his first wall crawl in 2015 and his first stair crawl the following spring. He and his mom regularly look for new, cool and fun pieces of art, whether it’s murals, stairs, floors, tiles, statues or other types of installations.


Riley is a role model not only does he have a passion for art, but he used to be a therapy dog. He was a therapy dog for Pet Partners (fka Delta Society) and was one of the St. John’s hospital therapy dogs for several years in Santa Monica. Riley has also been a member of BARK Reading Dogs, where Santa Monica kids from first through fifth grade (Muir and Grant Elementary Schools) would read to him to improve their confidence in their reading abilities. As a result of his volunteerism, Nicole Ellis and Brandise Danesewich included him in their book “Working Like a Dog” which was published in September 2017. A book about working dogs and their passion for helping others, showing us how dogs are truly best friends to us humans. This cute little Yorkie has also taken agility classes for 7 years in various locations of Southern California and has his American Kennel Club Master’s Standard and Agility Jumpers Excellent titles, along side with his Canine Good Citizen title. He is an icon, Riley has been featured in the national Workman Publishing 365 Dogs a year Calendar twice and this year he will be the St. Patrick’s day pup on March 17.

I admire his Mom for giving Riley a life full of activities and beautiful things to do and experiment. Many of us, when we think about dogs or any kind of pet we think they are cute and that they are just animals, but we don’t realize how a pet can affect our lives until we own one and make them a part of your family.

Riley currently resides in Santa Monica, California, he lives with his mom and they are both actively always looking for new cool art spots to photograph and capture great moments. If you ever see him modeling around the streets of beautiful Los Angeles county, Don’t forget to say hi to him. Most importantly, Riley has a very sweet disposition so if you meet him, be prepared to be kissed by him!

To learn more about Riley’s life follow him on his IG account :@Riley_yorkie




The End..




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